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Guaranteed Great Sound, We beat All Prices In Georgia Without Scarifying The Quality. Done


Vega Star Music Services Are:
Film & Television Composition
T.V./Radio/Cable Commercial Voice Over Production
Mobile Field Recording Services For: Podcasts, Radio Location,
Live Band Performances, ENG Audio,We Have The Best Prices In The State!!!!
Voice Overs by: "Shannon Jones" Atlanta Newest T.V. & Radio Personality.
Field Recording For Sound Effects, Live Bands,Special Events, Etc.
Full Special Event Production Services Include;
Sound Design -Stage Lighting Design - Stage/Tour/Road/Production Managment Services.
Theme Or Background Music For Television & Film.
Synthisizer Programming Analog/Digital.
Security - Catering -

  • Vega Star Studio Equipment List:
  • Macintosh G5, Mac Pro, w/3 TB HD , 16 Mg Of RAM-Internal/10TB External Hard Drives, DVDRW/CD/CDRW - Running: Digital Performer 6, MOTU BPM, MOTU SYMPHONIC INSTRUMENTS, CUBASE 7.5w/ Halion Orchestral Set, Various PlugIns, Steinway & Sons Suberb Piano Sample.
  • Ten Terabyte - Glyph External Storage
  • MOTU Symphonic Instruments, Korg O1/W ProX, As Master MIDI Controler & a Smaller MIDI Keyboard Controller For Extra Control.
  • Yamaha Motif ES-Rack Mount, W/ Additional Symphonic Card
  • Yamaha Pro Mix O1 - Digital Mixer
  • 1969 Hammond B-3, (Original Hammond Tone Generator) (Original Owner, Me)(Great Sound of the Historic B-3)(Professionally & Exquisitely Refurbished To Maintain Original Sound).
  • 1972 Mellotron, Violins/Cellos/Flutes (#42)(Mellotron Professionally Refurbished)(Original Owner, Me)
  • Mini-Moog 1972 Model Perfect Condition. (Original Owner, Me).

  • Guitar Collection  Acoustics/Electrics...6 & 12 Strings, Aria Bass Guitar, EMG Pick Ups, Customized For Incredible Sounds. Gibson Les Paul Bass.
  • "Sitar" Beautiful Mother of Pearl Inlaid Rosewood. Dual Gourd, Made in India, 1969, Purchased in India. (Original Owner, Me)
  • Various World Percussion, This That & All The Other Stuff.
  • 9 Piece Pearl Drum Set, Plenty of Cymbals & Hardware
  • Collection of Toys In The Attic, ie: Mics, Processors, Unusual Percussive Stuff Including the Kitchen Sink.              
  • Digital Video Monitoring  on 40" Main Video Monitor, 2-30" Apple Cinema Monitors, NEC 19"/21" Monitors, Apple 15" Flat Screen Monitor.        
  •  Audio Monitoring on The Original Roland Digital Monitors,
  • Mackie HR824mk2, HRS120 (12" Sub)
  • Rare - Mac Quadra 800 For Special Occasions. Mastering Running Sound Designer II Mastering Suite, Specially Designed & Upgraded,  Unique High End System. 
  • Excellent Mastering System. (FireWired TO Mac Pro).
  • Pro Quality For Radio/T.V. Or C.D./DVD Mastering.  

Sound Design, Production Management Consulting: For Professional Advice On Your Project When Your Stuck  On Something Or Somewhere... Designing Audio Since 1972, The Analog Days...Using Knives & Bear Skins....Now In The Digital Age.......

 Over40 years of Professional Experience, Reliability You Can Count On! See Our Client List On The Refferal Page.


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  •  Contact Number; 678.934.2025

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