C.D. Music by Jason Bush

Machine Of Malice/Vocals By Sophie

Angel Of Mercy

Angels Of Nine-Eleven


Isolation; Silence Of The Seas

The Vision In The Tidal Pool

MusicBox Dancer

The New Millennium

Journey Up The Nile

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The Following PIeces Of Music Are New Music, Summer 2014

Celtic Morning

Revisiting The Early Years

The Hill Of Visneach

Celtic Morning

Stealth Endeavor

Voacals On "Machine Of Madness" By Sophie Marceau. Recorded Via SKYPE From France.

Machine Of Malice; Vocals By Sophie Marceau

Winds Of Change


Out Of The Soot


Garthon;Guardian Of The Crystal Cha

Kojutso Sekkuso

The Lost Temple


All Music Is Copyright 1987-2021-Crom House Publishers/Jay Bush

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