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Captain Phil Harris of The F/V Cornealia Marie
Capt. Phil of the Deadliest Catch Passed Away Jan 29, 2010

This Is Dedicated To Dr. Zigan & His Family. I Will Always Love You As My Own Brother, Mike. We Will be JAMMIN IN The Next Step Of Existence. Pink Floyd & "Wish You Were Here" -Live Video

This past Summer Myself & VI lost a very Dear Friend @ just 54 years old. Marianne Zigan, the Widow of Dr. Mike Zigan, D.D  (deceasead, 2012), Our Deepest Sympathies to their 2 sons, Mathew & Nicholas who lost their parents @ such an early age. you know we are here for you anytime. The same way it was with us & your Dad & MOM.

In 2010 we lost many people in the Entertainment Industry.

Not just "STARS", but many Talented Technicians, the people who work behind the scenes to make the shows HAPPEN.

To all their Families the LaserDog Enterprises Family send our Deepest Sympathies.

  In Memorial  To Those We Have Loved And Enjoyed Their Talents. Wish Their  Journey Through The Next Level Be Peaceful, and A Beautiful Next Step Through The Next Dimension:

In No particular Order:
Dr. Michael R. Zigan, D.D. (1953-2001)


DECEMBER 10, 1953 - JUNE 28, 2003

....death, is just another step along the way.......

I met Mike in June of '72, a Les Paul Guitar strapped around his shoulder. A master guitarist. We played in a few bands together, became the best of friends, my "BEST FRIEND" for 31 years. We lived only 200 miles apart but were unable to see each other as much as we would have liked. But through the invention of Alexander Graham Bell we were in touch via telephone. When he needed me he called, when I needed him I called. Mike was a fantastic musician, then, he decided to become a Dentist. "The Gentle Dentist" people came from miles away for his services. A kind, gentle man, a man of peace, integrity, a great sense of humor.  He was/is my "brother in arms".  I miss you my friend and think of you every day. The unknowing people of this Planet have lost a wonderful man, husband, father, friend, guitarist, Dentist. When it is time for me to take my next "step along the way" I know we will be jammin' together as we did in the early 70's........

*"we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year....what have found, the same old fears....wish you were here..."

 *from Pink Floyds "WISH YOU WHERE HERE"

Our Deepest Sympathies to his wife Marianne, his sons Mathew & Nicholas... We Love You and Think of You everyday.

  From All of Us at LaserDog Enterprises...

Jay Bush & Vivian Jones


Lord, Frank S. FitzGerald-Bush,SKN (Uncle Frank)

Jason Tyler Bush, Sr. (DAD)

Frank S. Bush, Sr. (Grandpa) The Metaphisist)

Lady, Irene Isabel Alexandra Victoria of Sax-Coburg, Gotha (Gramma), Great Grand Daughter of Quenn Victoria

Miss Ann Bancroft (Actress & Wife of Mel Brooks, )
A Wonderful Woman With An Amazing Personality. The Sweetest Lady In Show Business. And, My Favourite Client As Well As Mr. Brooks

Bob Moog - Inventor of the Moog Synthesizer - (That machine changed my musical path.)

Stevie Ray Vaughn, Sam Kinison, George Carlin,
Duane Allman, Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Moon,
Jim Morrisson, Janis Joplin, Curt Kobain, 

Richard Wright from Pink Floyd,  May he enjoy his

And all the Other Rock & Rollers Who Became "Other Stars In The Sky"

Farrah Fawcett - The Angel Who Now Lives With the Real "Angels"

Michael Jackson - "The King of POP"

The One & Only Ed McMahon





"DAD" 1934-1958 Jason Sr.
Les Paul
Micheal Jackson
Farah Fawcett

'One Of My Favourite Clients Where Mr. Mel Brooks & His  fantastic Wife-Miss Anne Bancroft-Wonderful People

Miss Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Mel brooks)

Richard Wright
Robert (BOB) Moog
May They All Rest In Peace In The Next Existance.
And Their Creativity Be Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

May The Higher Power Take Care Of Our Lost Friends