LaserDog Enterprises is in Pre-Production for LASERSOUNDS-USA-2021
The 1st LASERSOUNDS-USA was for The Space Shuttle CHALLENGER & now for all the Tragic Events in America .
 This Years Event has been CXL'd due to the evolving uncertaincies of the COVID-19 Virus.
Please visit us again fo updated information. 




 Foot in mouth

Coming to the Atlanta, Georgia area in the Winter of 2021.

An Extragavent & Beautiful Lighting & Musical Performance in Memory/Dedication of Americas' Tragic Events from 9/11 to "Active Shooters" and more Tragedies leading up to the Present.

An Amazing Musical & Lighting Event. The Artists Performing will be KNOWN soon. The entire event from begining to end will be Filmed, with interviews with Artists, Production Personal,The DVD will be sold & Profits will go to help the 1st Responders

& thier Families Health Fund. 9/11 & the other "Active Shooter" Situations & more cannot be forgotten. LASERDOUNDS-USA began as a Memorial to the Space Shuttle "Challenger" Tragedy And now we are paying Tribute to all the Victims & thier Familes & Friends.

Figure#2 From Profile Above

A Special Event,"ZSU-CHANGS SCULPTURE OF LIGHT" & Live Concert.
Show your Support for what America Stands For, and join Us for a weekend of Magnificent Lighting & Musical Performances with Great Music of the 70's - Present Day.
An Amazing Technological Wonder of a Laser Light Show along with a Modern Lighting Creation of the Twin Towers blended with the Music for a weekend of "Celebrating What AMERICA Stands For "People, No Politics, Just People Enjoying themselves & Paying Tribute To The "TRUE HEROES OF AMERICA". 


This Event Will Help To Raise Awareness & Funds For The 9/11 Victims & Famlilies Health Fund.
Tragic Events like these must stop !!!!!.
A Special Weekend that will be viewed by the Astronauts in the International Space Station.
That's how much Light will be shot straight up into Space.
The Guinness Book of World Records will be there yo verify "The World Record for The Brightest Light in One Place". 

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