The Music Of Jay Tyler Bush is, Visual, Emotional,Thought Provoking, Ethereal. Perfect for expressing the Emotion in a Motion Picture.

His Music Draws the Audience into the Scenes & Represens the Emotions & Feelings of those Scenes & the Entire Film, from Opening to Final Credits.

Jay has also Scored Numerous Laser Light Shows where his Music Smoothly Adapts Well And Is Exciting To The Laser Show.




Jay Tyler Bush is a Published Composer of  Music and Sound Design Projects that focuses mainly on the Composition, Production and Design of High
Impact & Visual Music for Films, Documentaries, Games, Trailers and more...
Anything that needs Music as a Background I am Here to Give you My Full Attention.
Utilizing My 40+ Years Of Working & Learning From A Vast Array Of International Entertainers & Prodution Personnell Brings Expertise To My Creative
Endeavours As Well As Many Years Of Personal Instruction All Through My Childhood And then On To College and working with Major Artist & thier Production Personnel. All of this Experience helps me to work on your project which includes A Hybrid
Blend of Cinematic Sound Design, Ranging From "Epic" Orchestral Themes, Ethnic, Oriental World,Fantasy, Thriller/Action Scores Amidst Alternative,
Acoustic, Electronic, Ambient & Of Course "Good Old Rock & Roll" When Required.
As a Sound Designer, I Create All of My Sounds from Scratch.
Utilizing Emotionally Charged Themes That Accompany Your Cinematic Vision And Bring Life To Your Celluliod Dreams.
Being a Score Composer I work with the Director, Film Editor, Music Editor Producer and all work together To place the Music in the correct position in
the film or whatever the project maybe.

We have always put a portion of our income to help the NCMEC.

30+ & going.

On FaceBook @ Jay Bush Score Composer Instagram - jaybushmusic

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Playing Machine Of Malice


And While You Are Here Please Give a Listen To Jay, the Host Of The Show's Music Here On This Web Site (JAY BUSH COMPOSER PAGE). Thanx For Listening To My Music. 

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