"A Dream Of Araby" -by Sir, Frank S, FitzGerald-Bush.
The story of the Founding of Opa-Locka, Florida. A suburb of Miami, Designed and developed by Glenn H. Curtiss, accalimed Inventor, {the aircraft carrier, The Aireolon on the wing of the airplane. Perfected the Wright Brothers invention of the Airplane. This in tegreal part iof the wing of an aircraft makes its flight controllable, and many other inventions & city deveolpments.Available for your KINDLE or as an E-Book dierectly from us. Please send an E-Mail Or Ordering Information to info@laserdog.com.
"Sonnets In Search Of Sequence"  by Sir, Frank S FitzGerald-Bush. A Collection of Sonnets written by Sir, Frank. Beautiful Poetry from an accalimed & Noted Poet, Writer, Historian, Lecturer, Instructor.   

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